Thanks for stopping by my little part of the blogosphere...I'm so excited to meet you.

I'm a single mother to one beautiful girl, who just happens to be my world...and we hang our hats in Dallas, Tx. 

My venture on freebies and product testing started after my daughter was born, and it's just grown from there. I have been surprised at all the wonderful freebies and product tests I have been privileged to be involved with. It sure has been an awesome experience, that I'm surely going to continue and one that I would love to share with you. 

Don't be shy, make sure you say Hello!


  1. Hello Ms Kimberly. ;) and hello mommy I'm very glad I found your site it just happened to pop up on my Facebook as an ad and I clicked on it. I like it so far I have only read just a little bit of it a,dim excited to keep going. I want to learn so much more to the freebie,couponing, a,d other tips to help save me money. I have 2 kids! A girl turning 9 in October and a son that's turning 15 on April fools yikesssss.....my husband has 1 son that is 15 will be 16 in September so learning how to budget and save is a REALLY big deal now have 2 kids about to drive (mom alert here going insane haha) :0 . I really hope your page helps me more than these others out here that I don't understand another thing is I don't like to be told something then feel like I'm just thrown out to the stores to figure it out on my own AND it NEVER ends up being what they paid or got it for I think that's what gets me frustrated and upset the most. I'm going to try your way for a bit and I hope,you don't mind if I have any questions about something you posted. I just really do want to learn this stuff. Thanks for your time.
    Nicole B.


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