Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Gopro Accessories Bundle Kit -By Action Camera

The Ultimate GoPro is for anyone who loves to use the GoPro. This kit is an all in one set for your GoPro lovers.

Starting out, the case just itself is nice, sturdy, and portable with organization compartments too. It's also shockproof!

It includes an 8GB SD card FREE too! 

This kit comes with:

1x Floating Grip
1x Selfie pole
1x Flexible Tripod
1x Bicycle Mount
1x Suction Mount
1x Head Strap
1x Chest harness
1x Camera Teether
12x Anti-Fog Insert
1x Wrist Strap
1z Side Mount
1x Wrench
2x Flat Adhesive Mount
2x Curved Adhesive Mounts
1x Flat QuickClip
1x Vertical QuickClip

I would recommend this accessory bundle to all who has a GoPro, and loves adventure, it has everything to do this with! It is a very inexpensive kit to give as a gift to yourself, or someone else! 

Interested, click on the link provided! Action Camera Kit Accessories for Gopro Hero

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