Monday, April 27, 2015

DreamTown Toddler Pillow

I was given the DreamTown Pillow for my daughter to try out for a few weeks. She instantly started using it and tossing her normal sized pillow she was using to the side. It came with a nice soft pillow case as well!

She still has not used her other pillow as of yet since she has received it. She is very much in love with it. It has been the only pillow she has been using! 

My daughter isn't the only who seems to enjoy it, her cat Chloe does as well. Whenever she gets up from using it, especially in the morning to go to school she is right there to jump on and take her little cat naps on it! 

The DreamTown Toddler Pillow is 14x19 with poly/cotton and 100% hypoallergenic blend cover and polyester filling. 

DreamTown Toddler Pillow is also chiropractic reviewed and recommended as a little one's perfect first pillow, contains less fill than most toddler pillows, but still firm.  It's perfect for to use in a bed, crib, floor, carseat & airplane. It's machine washable, and best of all it's made in the USA!

My daughter and I would recommend the DreamTown Toddler Pillow to other little ones out there looking for a great beginner pillow! 

The link is below!

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