Monday, April 27, 2015

DreamTown Toddler Pillow

I was given the DreamTown Pillow for my daughter to try out for a few weeks. She instantly started using it and tossing her normal sized pillow she was using to the side. It came with a nice soft pillow case as well!

She still has not used her other pillow as of yet since she has received it. She is very much in love with it. It has been the only pillow she has been using! 

My daughter isn't the only who seems to enjoy it, her cat Chloe does as well. Whenever she gets up from using it, especially in the morning to go to school she is right there to jump on and take her little cat naps on it! 

The DreamTown Toddler Pillow is 14x19 with poly/cotton and 100% hypoallergenic blend cover and polyester filling. 

DreamTown Toddler Pillow is also chiropractic reviewed and recommended as a little one's perfect first pillow, contains less fill than most toddler pillows, but still firm.  It's perfect for to use in a bed, crib, floor, carseat & airplane. It's machine washable, and best of all it's made in the USA!

My daughter and I would recommend the DreamTown Toddler Pillow to other little ones out there looking for a great beginner pillow! 

The link is below!

Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Hotter Shoes

I was lucky to be picked to try these new and awesome shoes by a UK based company called HOTTER! 

I was given a choice between which style and color I wanted. I chose Livvy in magenta. I love them!

I have short, but wide feet, and this company's main focus is wide feet, which is great! I wear a size 5 1/2 to 6 in US. I was so excited I forgot that the selection was in UK, so I got a size 6 instead of size 5. 

I did put them on and wished they did fit, but they felt so amazing, and was crushed when they didn't fit. I wrote HOTTER and they are sending me my size as soon as they come back in stock.

They were very understanding, and helpful. HOTTER gave me more choices to choose from, but I insisted on Livvy in magenta, due to how much I loved them. I told them I know they are on back order and won't be in stock for a few months, and will wait patiently (well, try :) ), if they would send them in the correct size. 

I was so happy when they agreed, and I'm waiting on my beautiful and comfy shoes to arrive. 

Let, me tell you, they feel like no other shoe my feet have EVER been in. I don't know how to describe them, but soft like velvety butter. It was like stepping on cloud, if you could, very light, and so right! 

The color isn't an off the wall magenta, like ostentatious or blinding, it's a very nice muted shade. These shoes can go with everything and anything from shorts, skirts, summer dresses, nice jeans, and whatever else you can think of and put together. 

I can't wait to put mine to good use and show them off. I will be wearing a pair of Britain's favorite comfortable shoes, and yes they truly are! 

Every pair of Hotter shoes has secret #ComfortConcept features including:

 -  Super soft leathers

-  Lightweight and flexible soles
-  Cushioning at heels, collars and tongues
-  Breathable leathers
-  Wiggle room for toes
-  Fittings including extra wide and half sizes
-  Ladies US sizes 5 - 11

To check out Livvy in magenta and the other colors above click the link below #comfortconcept! 


Thanks HOTTER for the opportunity! 
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