Monday, March 23, 2015

The FunJar

I tested out The FunJar with my daughter and she really liked it. We received the pink owl design. There is a blue one as well to purchase. 

She used it for things like her hot chocolate and ice water when she when she went to the park. It stayed very cold for the water, and warm for the hot chocolate. She said it's super easy for her to clean and use and loves it! 

More fun facts: 

The 16oz stainless steel FunJar made by ChillWarmer, is a sleek and stylish food jar that is designed to keep temperatures in for up to 8 hour hot and 12 hours cold.  A great product for packing a hot lunch for school or work,and to have warm water for baby bottles when on-the-go.  I love the fact it's BPA-free to keep toxins from leeching to the surface it's made with 304 stainless steel material.

ChillWarmer is a company built to suit family needs.  Their motto lies around family as it was the foundation for their formation.  

"We do not believe that we are helping customers but rather that we are helping families.  That's how we treat our customers: like family."  Buy Today.  Chill Tomorrow. 

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