Thursday, March 12, 2015

Speed Jump Rope! Discover the Secret to Blast Fat!

I was given the Speed Jump Rope Discover the Secret to Blast Fat to test out and I really enjoy it! I was able to use it a few days until the weather here in Texas acted up. 

The time I was able to to work with it I could feel a burn and a difference. I did it for about 30-45mins and which is great. Just 10 minutes alone of jump roping is equivalent to 30 mins of burning calories in a slow cardio workout! 

My legs were so tired and so weak after jumping so much, but that's good! The jump rope is also very light, making it easy for beginners to use and came with a nylon carrying bag. The jump rope cable is 10ft long, and adjustable to be used by people of different heights and sizes! 

The Speed Jump Rope is perfect for busy people that want to be more fit, beginner enthusiasts, WOD's, Cross Fitness Training, Boxing, MMA Training and much more! 

If, you're an athlete, boxer, or just want to get healthy and in shape this is perfect for you! Do you have a fitness program that requires more endurance training, this is also a great tool to add to it.

It helps improve your cardiovascular health by encouraging more heart activity, optimizing physical as well as mental endurance, both for athletes and non-athletes alike.

The Jump Rope helps keep your weight in check, and it's fun to do anywhere! 

Click below to purchase! 

Speed Jump Rope

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