Thursday, March 12, 2015

Slow Cooker Recipes for Beginners

This entry is going to be different than the others I have posted. 

I was offered to review this product, Slow Cooker Recipes For Beginners. I accepted, and as soon as I realized it was a an e-reader only format and not paper, I professionally and respectfully messaged the promoter several times explaining the situation. I let him know numerous times in the messages, I am grateful for the offer, but can not properly test it out, due to not having an e-reader and to please decline my offer so we both wouldn't receive negative marks. 

I have heard nothing, despite my attempts, and this is why this post is as such. 

If, anything changes, and he replies, I will put that in my blog, but until then, I am sorry, it will stay this way.

Now, if any of you who do have an e-reader and would like to win a copy for yourself or someone else, please feel free to enter the contest below! 

Good Luck!

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