Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Cat Perch for Old and Lazy Cats

So, I like the set up of this cat perch, it's simple, but cute. 

I have three cats, an older female aka Taylor Renee, a year and half female Chloe Anne, and her little girl which is about 8 months old Shadow Marie, who I also call Black Beauty. 

My young kitten Shadow, she is the one who mostly enjoys it a lot, she uses the scratching posts that are built into and all over the perch, and lays on the very top most of the time, her mom comes around once in awhile to maintain her nails, and Taylor she just likes to sit there like a dog and watches me eat from the perch, she's a goofball. 

I did have a bit of a difficult time putting into together, because the diagram that came with the product was wrong. I had to pull up the product online itself to see how it actually looked to correctly build it. 

I liked the fact that it came with a dangling mouse as well, but the next day it broke off, and that was kinda disappointing. 

Overall, I like it, and my Black Beauty does too, so she's happy with it. 

Follow the links below to look at other products from The Cozy Cat Furniture company and the product that was mentioned above! 

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