Saturday, January 31, 2015

Magic Seal

Magic Seal is a life saver! 

I have been using these for cereals and chips, those are what I really hate being stale, I can't stand when they are stale, yuck!!! 

I really love these and they work great!

Magic Seal keeps food fresh by keeping the air out. They are also moisture-proof and a space saver too! 

Magic Seal comes with 8 sticks and 4 different sizes, x-tra large, large, medium, and small!

 Magic Seal Sticks are reusable to seal the original bag, or any bag, after opened just slide onto the open end, and then it locks the bag airtight, so fast, so easy! They lock in the freshness so your food can last even longer! 

Are you ready to win a set of your very own! 

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Good Luck! 

Credit Covers

I want to introduce you to a fun and funky way to add some character to your credit cards. They have so many designs, colors, and a way to make your own. 

The one I chose is a tape, I love anything and everything vintage and retro. It was easy to apply and is super cute too. 

These are conversation starters for the ones who wonder what is that cool and unique card are they are using, puzzling minds want to know. 

This is what it looks like on, I have the separate piece on the numbers, but that can be taken off. 

So, if you are ready to add some style to your card, please enter below for your chance to win!!! 

Check out the designs on their site too! 

Credit Covers

Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Select Culinary Julienne & Vegetable Peeler

I was so glad to receive this, because I was getting tired of using my old fashioned peeler. It wasn't doing right and took so much of the food off as well. 

This product is great, and works so smoothly. It does both the peeling and julienne style! It works effortlessly, unlike my old crappy one, and takes way less time too since it's a wider blade. 

This prevents the waste of your food by peeling thin layers of it. 

It's made of high quality stainless steel so it's rust proof, but is dishwasher safe. The peeler is also ultra light with a nice handle for gripping. 

I loved using this to peel apples for my daughter, I was so amazed on how great it worked, I actually said "Wow"! My daughter can use it, because it's so easy, it just glides and peels! 

Such a wonderful product, again, I am glad have one! 

I would recommend this to anyone in the market for a new peeler, it's so worth it! 

Click the link below to learn more! 

Select Culinary Julienne & Vegetable Peeler

Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Nikkouware Shower Rings

I really love these new curtain rings I have been using. They glide with ease along the shower curtain rod, unlike the ones I did have were a hook style that kept falling off and hooking onto the others, I have had no issues with them! 

They were easy to put on, you just have to bend the clip a bit to put into the shower curtain holes, but they bend right back into place. 

They have not rusted either, as they said it wouldn't. They come in a set of 12 polished brass and stainless steel. 

Nikkouware perfectly designed the shower ring clamp to fit securely and to easily rolls on 3/4" to 1-1/8" diameter shower rods (curved, straight or custom type) to prevent the shower curtain from falling off.

They are made to be used indoor and outdoor, and to withstand any bathroom environment conditions.

I'm really enjoying these, and the ease of not having to worry about them falling off and getting intertwined with one another! 

Would you love a set to add to your bathroom?? You're in luck! The company is wanting to send one of my lucky readers a set of their very own! 

Enter below for your chance to win! 

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