Sunday, November 30, 2014

Soothie Suckers

I am going to be talking about a healthy and nutritional popsicle for your kiddos that helps with their health! 

Introducing Soothie Suckers! Soothie Suckers come in two different flavors that in two different ways to promote health! 

These popsicles are a great way to give a cold snack to a child to keep their immune system going well! You get what you want, while they get what they want! 

Soothie Suckers are the only all natural herb supplement ice pop. 

They are available in two formulations: Immune Support (orange flavor) and Nasal Support (grape flavor)

Soothie Suckers can be frozen and enjoyed as an ice pop or consumed as a liquid!

Each Soothie Sucker is pre-measured 1 oz. pouches - portable for flights, trips, everyday activities and contain certified organic or wild-crafted herbal extracts.

Soothie Suckers are delicious, and all-natural fruit flavors!

Soothie Suckers contain NO artificial flavors, NO high fructose corn syrup and NO alcohol. They are created for kids and loved by adults! 

They came in the greatest time ever, because she had a sinus infection. She really loves the flavors and loves the idea that they are healthy as well! 

Now, the company would love to have you win a set for your kiddos! 

So enter below for your chance to win! 

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Thursday, November 20, 2014

4K HDMI Cable Ultra Premium Series

I have been testing out this HDMI Cable Ultra Premium series by Solid Cordz out for a few weeks now, and I just love it. 

I have had no problems or complaints! The quality is amazing, very durable, and thick. It made the picture and sound clear and bright. It also comes in a pack of two, which that is just awesome within itself! 

I want to share more facts about the Solid Cordz 4K - HDMI 2 Pack - ULTRA PREMIUM SERIES GOLD Plated 6 ft High Speed (up to 18 Gbps) HDMI Cable with Ethernet. 

More Facts! 

6ft High Speed HDMI Cable with Ethernet 28 AWG

HDMI provides an interface between any audio/video source, such as set-top boxes, Blue-ray Disc players, DVD players, video game consoles, AV receivers and an audio and/or video monitor, such as digital television or plasma monitor, over a single cable.

The High Speed HDMI cables with Ethernet have been designed to meet the performance standards set by HDMI 1.4 and have passed stringent Category 2 testing. 

• HDMI Ethernet Channel - The HDMI 1.4 specification adds a data channel to the HDMI connection, enabling high-speed, bi-directional communication. Connected devices that include this feature can send and receive data via 100 Mb/sec Ethernet, making them instantly ready for any IP-based application.

• Audio Return Channel - The new specification adds an audio channel that will reduce the number of cables required to deliver audio "upstream" from a TV to an A/V receiver for processing and playback. In cases where a TV features an internal content source, such as a built-in tuner or DVD player, the Audio Return Channel allows the TV to send audio data upstream to the A/V receiver via the HDMI cable, eliminating the need for an extra cable.

• 3D Support - The 1.4 version of the specification defines common 3D formats and resolutions for HDMI-enabled devices, enabling 3D gaming and other 3D video applications.

• 4K Resolution Support - The new specification enables HDMI devices to support extremely high HD resolutions, effectively four times the resolution of a 1080p device. Support for 4K allows the HDMI interface to transmit digital content at the same resolution as the state-of-the-art Digital Cinema systems used in many movie theaters. 

I am really enjoying my HDMI by Solid Cordz! 

Check it out yourself! 

I received one or more of the products mentioned above for free using Regardless, I only recommend products or services I use personally and believe will be good for my readers.

Tuesday, November 18, 2014


I am a member of a great website and community called Influenster! I have been with them for several years and have had loads of fun and even get free goodies, just for my opinion back on them! 

Influenster is a community of trendsetters, social media hotshots, and educated consumers who live to give opinions of products and experiences.

You'll be able to learn about new products and your favorite well known brands, and you'll be able to review them and share your opinions and thoughts with others.

The fun part is, that they occasionally pick members to receive, review, and keep products that come in a themed box called VoxBox! 

I love these, you can sometimes get your hands on things before they even hit shelfs, and that makes you feel really lucky!

What is a VoxBox?

A VoxBox campaign is where members receive complimentary full-size products to test and review! That's all they ask in return, to keep your deal on your side, they send the goodies, you do an unboxing, and a review, that's it! 

Sounds simple doesn't it? It is, and loads of fun too! 

Also, there are interactive Twitter chats with celebrities and in-the-know experts, fun contests where members can earn sweet giveaways, and even special discounts on featured brands, services, and so much more!

Again in return, all Influenster ask is to share their opinions with their friends and friends/followers on social media! You already tell your opinion about things daily, so why not get rewarded for doing so! 

Go ahead and check it out! 


You'll be glad that you did! 

Here is a a sample on what a VoxBox is! 

Have fun and good luck!

#Influenster #InfluensterApp

Check their social media links out too! 


Twitter 2


Saturday, November 15, 2014

LeapFrog LeapTv

I am so excited to be able to blog about this product! I was one in few chosen to test this exciting and new game system by LeapFrog! 

Leapfrog came out with this incredible learning system called LeapTv! 

LeapTv gets minds and bodies moving with their educational interactive games for children ages 3-8 years old. 

The games teach mathematics, reading, problem solving, and science. There are 3 ways to play, body motion, pointer, and control. The controller transforms into two modes, which is classic and pointer.  

The kit includes console, camera, mount, transforming controller, hdmi cable, ac power adapter, 16gb of memory, and wifi capable/ethernet port for downloads. 

Works with 100+ educator approved LeapTv cartridge games, downloads, and even videos for endless fun! 

I feel very grateful for having the opportunity to test this system out! My daughter is so in love with it. 

My daughter loves to use her creativity and imagination with the free game that's included called Pet Play World where you can pick a pet, name it, take care of it, customize the colors, and so much more. 

Her getting so excited about learning and earning her badges is exciting for me to see! 

With the LeapFrog LeapTv you don't to have have time limits or worry, because it's all educational, unlike most games and consoles! 

I can't wait to add to her collection of games! It's a great investment for, exercise, education, and most of all good clean fun! 

Below are several pictures of what was included in my kit and even a fun video of my daughter playing! 

See for yourself how many smiles that I got from my daughter! 

                                 My daughter playing her new LeapFrog LeapTv! 

Check out LeapFrog social links for more information! 


Want to learn more or interested in buying one for the child in your life, click the link below! 


Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Linkcloth Chain Scrubber for Cast Iron Cookware

I'm glad I was able to test this simple, but awesome kitchen gadget out. I love cast iron cookware, but they require a special type of care and cleaning. 

I had this funky rust starting to happen, even after being seasoned, which means warmed with a thin layer of vegetable oil after cleaning. 

This keeps it in prime condition and working properly. 

I used this product as directed, (which was just with warm water and the chain scrubber) on my cast iron skillet and the problem I had just came right off.

Here are some fun facts about this handy product! 

It took a lot of time and cooking to develop that seasoned surface on your cast iron pans. The last thing you want to do is take it off again with detergent, or scratch it with sharp utensils. So how do you remove stuck food residues? The fast, safe and easy answer is the Linkcloth.

Rounded Link Design Won't Damage Cookware

With no sharp edges to scratch or gouge your pans, the Linkcloth lets you scrub as hard as you want (but you probably won't have to). Both the individual strands and the shape of the links are completely rounded, making them gentler on cookware surfaces than steel wool.

Super Durable 316 Stainless Steel

Unlike the cleaning brushes offered by cast iron manufacturers, the Linkcloth will last you a lifetime ... guaranteed! It's made completely of professional food grade stainless steel that won't get corroded, stained, scratched or cracked.

Easy to Use, Easy to Clean

To clean a cast iron pan, simply hold it under warm running water as you scrub away food particles with the Linkcloth. To clean the Linkcloth, you can either wash it by hand with soap and water or put it in the dishwasher. Then just hang it up by its ring to dry, and it'll be ready to go again ... and again ... and again.

I really recommend this product for any cast iron lovers out there! 

I received one or more of the products mentioned above for free using Regardless, I only recommend products or services I use personally and believe will be good for my readers.
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