Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Prize Candle

I had the greatest opportunity to test out an awesome candle line called Prize Candle! This candle isn't just any ordinary candle, no, it's like a cracker jack box for us women! In each candle there lies a surprise that is worth from $10 to $5,000! 

I won a ring that was worth $25, and how you find out is in the package that it comes in, there is a special code, and you log on to the Prize Candle website, punch in the code and your value is revealed! 

Even though my ring wasn't a expensive one, I still love it, and it looks expensive! The quality is really nice! I love it, because it's an emerald, and one that is one of my favorite gemstones, and my daughter's birthstone. 

My daughter also loves these candles, and keeps an eye out on the reveal of the package peeking so we can both do it together. 

The prize pouch is hidden in the candle, so you have to burn it for awhile to get to it, or some are called diggers! Those are the ones who are to excited to wait like a kid in candy store, so they dig for it, but that causes a huge mess! 

If, you are patient and can wait, let it burn, and you will slowly, but surely see the little prize package peeping out against the jar. Blow the candle out, wait for a min for the wax to cool,  get tweezers, and get ready to see what you won! Find the code, go to the site, and see how much your prize is worth!

The scent that was given to me was Jasmine Neroli, I wasn't sure if it I would like it, or if it would trigger a migraine due to it having musk in it, but I'm glad it didn't, and I did like the scent. They are all natural soy wax, so they burn clean and last longer, which also means it's eco friendly! 

I love these candles, they are very classy, and give a long lasting scent. The package is pretty cute too,  girly and simple.

Interested in owning one for your self, or just want to check the site out and the scents, click on the link below to get started! 


I don't think you would be disappointed! 

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