Sunday, June 15, 2014

Fanny Foozel App

I was picked to test out an app for preschool children called  "Fanny Foozle" for a week. There are many choices on how to download and add the app. I have an android, so I used my Samsung Galaxy S3.

Fanny Foozle is an app targeted for preschoolers. It's a read along, read by yourself, and also has a memory game at the end as well.

The app is really cute, with fun bright and vivid colors, sounds, music, and characters to keep your preschooler in engaged and interested.

It kinda reminded of Dr. Seuss with the fun word play that the story used. I have a daughter that is 6 and she really enjoyed. 

This is a screen shot of the beginning of the app where you can choose either "I want to read", or "Read Along".
A screen shot of some of the characters in the story book.

This is a screen shot of the read along. It highlights the words as it goes along, and when it's time to turn the page, it chimes. 
This is a screen shot of the memory game that's at the end of the story! 

This is a screen shot when you have completed the memory game. It congratulates your child with "YOU DID IT", to make them feel happy and good about themselves. 

I really enjoyed this app and so did my daughter, we both recommend to check this out.

I'm including links and more info of the app down below. 

The ebook, Fanny Foozle Fun app & Fanny Foozle Pop game are all free in the iTunes store, while only the ebook is available in the Android and Kindle store (it’s 1.99 for Kindle).



Fanny Foozle Ebook:

Fanny Foozle Fun:

Fanny Foozle Pop:

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Thanks for reading, and be sure to enter to win the storybook version on the app as shown below! 

Paperback Book: 

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  1. Yay my baby's free book came in and dad read it to her and they like it! Thanks "product testing mommy"!!


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