Monday, January 13, 2014

Kroger Fuel Points

I was able to join the Kroger Gift Card Program during the holidays from BzzAgent.

I shared this with many people, including strangers that was looking at gift cards as well. I told them I was a BzzAgent and I was in this program. I let them you can double the fuel points each time you purchase a gift card from Kroger! I shared coupons as well, and they were happy to know that they can save money at the pump. They agreed that buying gift cards at Kroger will be the first place they will go to for now on. Buying gift cards from Kroger is simple, quick, easy and plus you get a bonus in the end, extra fuel points! You buy gift cards, and save on fuel in return, which is saving money, and everyone likes doing that! I loved this program and it was good to have around the holidays. I will keep buying my gift cards from Kroger, because I love earning extra fuel points!

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