Wednesday, January 1, 2014


The Luna Mini! What can I say, but a girls best friend “beauty secret”! The Luna Mini is an amazing new way to clean and beautify your skin. This device is so easy to use and gives visible results too! Luna Mini last up to 300 uses on a single usb charge! The best perks are it is completely waterproof, that means you can use it in the shower and bath! All you do is simple use the facial cleanser you currently use, wet your face and the Luna then start cleaning! The Luna also has a timer, so it tells you when to change areas on the face with a single vibration. It is a fast, simple, and fun way to deep clean your face in ONE minute! It uses t-sonic technology to drive out the dirt and grime from deep in your pores for a deep down clean, that you can see and feel! After, cleansing your face with the Luna, simply continue your facial care routine
(serum and moisturizer). Soon you will experience visible results of smooth, softer, and clearer skin! The Luna is great for all skin types, even sensitive. Your face will have a beautiful, and radiant glow! It’s also very hygienic due, because the LUNA uses soft silicone nodules that are easily cleaned, which means NO replacement head and doesn’t harbor bacteria (BONUS)! The Luna mini is also so compact enough that it doesn’t takes up any room in your travel bags. When you start cleaning with the LUNA, you won’t be able to stop! It helped my skin, and I am sure it will help yours as well! I received my LUNA mini through BzzAgent at a discount and I am glad I was chosen!

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