Wednesday, April 17, 2013


Wow! What can I say about this offer! Thanks SheSpeaks! I was given this product testing opportunity to test Americas Most Loved P&G products. 

As you can tell there's a wide variety of goodies that I received.   There are some items that I used and loved. I have used the Olay body wash almost everyday and it's awesome, and it doesn't have a very heavy perfume scent. I don't have a man in my life, but I still enjoy using men products, sometimes even more than female ones. The Tide pods are easy and quick, especially for a busy mom, as well as the Cascade too. Swiffer always comes in handy, for our household we have many furry pets, so that helps for a quick dusting in those areas. Having the Tide To Go is very helpful to have for kids and yourself, put it in your purse, bag, and even pocket to keep on hand for those unexpected uh ohs. Now for the makeup, who doesn't love to try to new makeup and feel beautiful? I loved the lip color they gave me, it looked natural and felt non-sticky. I received a brown eyeliner pencil as well and went perfectly with my green eyes. The Covergirl mascara added even more of a complete look. 

I'm looking forward to continue to use and try all the great things that was given to me. 

Thanks SheSpeaks for the opportunity once again! 

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